Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is at the Rosenborg Castle where the guards are guarding the Royal Jewels. The Danish King and Queen's crowns and jewels were really spectacular - We enjoyed the castle with all of its ornate decorations (the paintings on the ceiling, the tapestries on the walls the inlaid wood and ivory everywhere) and painting of Danish royalty going back to the 1600's . You had to pay extra to take pictures inside so of course, cheapskates like us didn't get any pictures inside of the castle.

On our Preparation Day (Pday) on February 23rd, we visited the Rosenborg Castle - it was an extremely cold day. This is Sister Jepson, Diana (a Danish member) and John and I.
Laker and Dodger fan at Fastelavn party
on February 19th
Young Adults playing fosball at the Center
Fastelavn party at the Outreach Center - this is like our Halloween. They come dressed up in costumes & have a tradition of hitting an old barrel with a stick. In the old days the barrel had a cat it in - they would hit it until the poor cat went crazy. Now they just fill the barrel with candy - like a pinata.

Elder & Sister Broberg in front of the
Copenhagen Temple - in a snow storm

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Entering the MTC

We entered the Missionary Training Center (MTC) on Monday, February 1st where we will receive training for our missionary work. We are getting all fired up to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of Denmark. There are around 2,500 missionaries here at one time - the largest language training center in the world. We are also still working with our Danish tutor - John has great conversations with him in Danish - and I listen really well. I especially had to only listen today, since I totally lost my voice because of an awful cold that I have been fighting. This pictures shows us by the world map. Anyone who has been to the MTC knows that you have to take a picture standing beside the map, while pointing to the place where you will be going.