Sunday, March 21, 2010

We visited the famous statue of the Kristus by Bertel Thorvaldsen which is located in Vor Fru Kirke in downtown Copenhagen. It is a magnificent statue of Christ and a copy of this statue is found in many visitor's centers of our church. We enjoyed some quiet contemplation while listening to organ music being played in the background.

We are learning some new things while living in a big city. On the right is a family moving their furniture via a lift to their top floor apartment - I always wondered how furniture was moved to these tall apartment buildings. The city of Copenhagen has a graffiti problem - it's everywhere and very ugly. We finally saw someone trying to remove some of the graffiti the other day, but I think as soon as it is removed on one building, it pops up on another - very sad.

We are trying very hard to find the signs of spring in Copenhagen. Here we found some children feeding the ducks and some new spring flowers in a little garden near our apartment.

Signs of spring: the ice is melting and the ducks and swans are enjoying a swim. The swans at the right are in a park not far from our apartment.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

We took a few minutes to visit the Copenhagen Museum which is very near our apartment. This picture is part of a display of the history of bicycles - since bicycling has been and still is a major means of transportation in Denmark. There are bike lanes on most streets and cars have to yield to bikes when crossing their path. I thought this display was very attractive. Since many Danes use bikes rather than cars to get to where they want to go, we see bikers even late at night when we are coming home from the Young Adult Center.

On Friday, February 26th the Young Adult Center got robbed in the middle of the night. The robber wanted to get into the locked office so he kicked in the lock, as you can see. He didn't find much money and even the camera, speakers and music mixer that he took were recovered at the bottom of a stairwell where he ditched them. The unfortunate thing are the three doors that were totally ruined.

We finally got to move into our apartment on March 3rd after the couple living there finished their mission and returned to the states. We have to get all of our groceries and supplies by walking five blocks and carrying all the items home in big sacks. Here both John and I are returning from a shopping trip in the freezing weather. I am outside of our apartment and John is in the hallway.

This is the living area and the kitchen of our apartment. These were purchased by the church several years ago when they were building the Copenhagen Temple. The people from America in charge of construction lived in them and now they are rented out to the senior missionary couples. They are very nice apartments by Denmark standards - much larger than most.

You can see a pretty lake outside of our apartment window. The lake looks blue in this picture, but it is actually still frozen solid. We haven't seen any ice skaters since being here - maybe the ice is too thin. The large building in the picture are pretty typical of the building all over Copenhagen. The bottom floor is usually businesses and the top floors are apartments. A majority of the people in Copenhagen live in apartments.

This is the view out of our apartment window, looking over the lake towards the planetarium (the round building). There is a jogging/walking path around the Copenhagen lakes and in the picture a jogger is on the right side. Anytime of the day or night we see joggers, bikers, or walkers going on this path. Maybe this will motivate John and I to get in better shape.