Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The bicycles outnumber the cars at rush hour. Below is a narrow cobblestone street in Copenhagen and also a tame swan on the lake by our apartment.

Here are some more scenes from Copenhagen. The first picture is looking into Amalienborg (looking from the canals), which is the winter residence of the Danish Queen Margrethe II and her family. The Queen just had her 70th birthday celebration on April 16th, the same day as John's 65th birthday.
These are taken at Nyhavn - an area by the canals where you can see an excursion boat going out on one of the first really nice spring days.

We are amazed that it takes so many workers to pave the streets of Denmark - there are about four more men in green outside of this picture.

We visited the Copenhagen City Library, called the Black Diamond. I am standing by some stacks in the old part of the library. The other pictures are of the modern new part of the library from the outside and looking out from the inside. The architecture is amazing and you can see from the outside why it is called the "black diamond".

Monday, April 5, 2010

John (Elder Broberg) loves to feed the birds on our back porch - these two large pigeons are named Alice and Harry by John. Gayle (Sister Broberg) loves the spring flowers on sale at the small flower shops that we pass on our way to the bus stop.
On April 2nd we went to our first Loppe market, which is a very large garage sale but with a little better wares than most American counterparts - the beautiful danish porcelain was hard to resist. I am standing with Sister Larsen - another missionary.

We went on a retreat with the young adults the weekend of March 27th and we passed some typical Danish countryside scenes on the way. The quaint country church, the thatched roof farmhouse and the multicolored houses in the city of Roskilde can be seen in these pictures.

The young adults had a retreat last weekend and here are some pictures

This is the Center where we work sans people. When it is full of young adults there is plenty of action with ping pong, pool and Fosball all going at once.