Thursday, June 10, 2010

May and June activities

We have neglected to post any picture for a month, so here are some of the things that we want to share from May and the beginning of June. We have had some very pretty sunny days, but rain is still a large part of our days. Maybe that is why Denmark is so green.
This is a replica of Denmark's most famous attraction - The Little Mermaid Statue. Denmark loaned the original Little Mermaid to China until December of this year (which seems like a rather stupid thing to do, but money must talk). Anyone who is coming do Denmark during the next 9 months will just have to be satisfied seeing this replica that is in the lake of Tivoli rather than the real statue which normally sits in the Copenhagen harbor.
Don't you feel sorry for us - this shows the difficult choices we have to make at our bakery that is down the street from where we live.
This is a baby carriage with a baby in it and it is sitting unattended outside of a shoe store. In America the mother would be charged with child neglect for leaving her baby unattended, but in Denmark it is a usual practice.
This is how they transport children - there are four little girls in this cart that is in front of the mother or child care worker's bike. We see them often, but it has been hard for me to capture them in a picture because they are moving fast.
We have seen tons of young mothers and fathers strolling their children. They say there has been a baby boom in Denmark and we can attest to that - we haven't seen so many babies and pregnant women since we lived in Utah Valley.
This is how they take their children and keep them dry during the numerous rain storms. I wanted to take a picture of people on their bikes, but it is hard to catch a moving target.

We visited the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek - an art museum started with the collection of Carl Jacobsen, the founder of Carlsberg Brewery. This is the famous Rodin sculpture called "The Kiss" and the one above is an Egyptian artifact dating from about 2500 BC.
Here is Gayle with another sister missionary in front of a statue of Hans Christian Andersen, the author of many children's fairy tales - The Ugly Duckling, The little Mermaid, The Emporer's New Clothes, etc.
We can't get enough of the baby ducks, swans and geese - here is a mother and baby goslings.

At out Seminary and Institute graduation one of the speakers had these old, very valuable scriptures and we took pictures of them. The large one is an original Danish Bible dating from 15150 and the small one is the first Danish Book of Mormon published in 1851.

We went to see the Changing of the Guard at the Amalienborg Slot (Castle) where the Queen Margarethe resides.
The swans on our lake had two little ducklings about two weeks ago. Today we noticed the babies have disappeared. We have also seen a snapping turtle on the lake, so I guess that baby swans might have a hard time growing to adulthood in this environment - we were very sad.

We went with a group of Young Adults to Tivoli. The pictures show our group, plus the famous Mororish facade of the Restaurant Nimb in Tivoli at night and the Tivoli marching guard in their red coats.
This is the front of the Grundtvigs Kirke which was built between 1921 and 1940, it is the largest Danish church. It was built in memory of the Danish clergyman, Nicolai Grundtvig who started the Folkehojskole (People's High School). The top is made to resemble an organ and the bottom the shape of a typical country Danish church. It is huge - 161 feet high.

A replica of a viking ship - at a Viking museum in Roskilde (a city outside of Copenhagen)

We visited the church in Roskilde where most of the kings and queens of Denmark are buried. These are pretty fancy crypts aren't they?
This is Gayle enjoying the beautiful flowers at Tivoli - the famous amusement park in Copenhagen