Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More summertime pictures

We finally found some baby swans that survived. The ones that were hatched on the lake next to our apartment unhappily disappeared shortly after hatching. These three baby gray "ugly ducklings" are with their parents in a local park. Let's hope they make it until they are adult swans.
This is a sad sign in the window of our favorite bakery. It says that they are closed for the month of July. Everyone in Denmark goes on vacation in July and many of the smaller shops have similar signs in their windows - I can't imagine small businesses in America just closing shop for a month. Can you tell from his reflection in the window, how disheartened John is?

These two pictures are taken in a local park - the tree is a "pacifier tree" where children can deposit their pacifiers when they have "grown" out of them. We thought it was a cute way to help parents wean their children from pacifiers.
This is a very common sight - a preschool class on their morning walk.
I wanted to show that we see as many fathers walking their children as we see mothers.
We celebrated the 4th of July by having a hamburger feast with the young elders and sisters, plus some members. Here they are singing "American the Beautiful" - I am at the piano.

We visited an open air museum which showed how Denmark looked 200 years ago. The three pictures above are from that museum.
Every town and village has a lovely church building for the folkkirke or "people's church" and it is run by the government. The ironic part is that most Danish people don't attend church and don't have much belief in God, but they have tons of church building dotting the countryside.
This is an old windmill turned into a home.
This is my favorite Danish home with thatched roof and beautiful gardens in the front.
We took a trip to some chalk cliffs called "Mons Klint". It was good to get out of the big city for a few hours and see the Danish back country.
We took a Saturday trip to the countryside and here is one of the numerous country churches.
On June 26th the Danish people celebrate St Hans Day, where they gather in the local park and have a big bonfire where they burn an effigy of a witch. They say it stems from an ancient tradition when they used to burn real people that they thought were witches.
This is a statue named "Kristina" by Utah artist Dennis Smith. It is situated on the Copenhagen harbor and she represents the thousands of Danes who left Denmark to join the saints in Utah during the 1800s. John and I both have great grandparents who were some of those Danish members who emigrated to America.
Can you believe that in Denmark the men's urinals are totally in the open? - this was at the party for the World Cup game.
The flares and crowd are celebrating when Denmark's soccer team made a goal.
The Danish were really into the World cup when their team was still playing - here they are watching Denmark play Cameroon on a big screen at Tivoli (the Copenhagen amusement park)
Sports activity for young missionaries on their day off - they just finished a football game.

In June the Copenhagen stake celebrated the 160 year anniversary of the Church in Denmark. The first picture is the missionaries helping assemble over 400 sandwiches for this all-day celebration and the second picture is a skit that was part of the program.