Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Festinord and More

We are enjoying our time in Copenhagen.  The following pictures are taken during the end of July and August, 2010.  They are scenes from around Copenhagen and then from our trip to Finland which we took with the young adults to attend Festinord - a week long party held each year in one of the Scandinavian Countries. 

This is a well known statue - fountain in Copenhagen.  It is of the Goddess Gefion and her oxen - as legend says she is plowing up land from Sweden to form part of Denmark. 

Last week was Copenhagen's International Fashion Fair and they were trying to set the world record for the longest cat walk.  We happened to see some of the models in Magasin du Nord - a popular department store.

These two navy ships were in the Copenhagen harbor last week when the Danish navy invited naval ships from all over the world to visit.  The one above is from Russia
Above and below are scenes from Tivoli - the famous amusement park in Copenhagen, first opened in 1843. Above is a short ballet on the Pantomime Theatre and below is the Restaurant Nimb

On our return from Festinord we saw this view of Helsingnor Castle on the Danish coastline.  This castle is the setting for the Shakespeare play of Hamlet.

The sun is setting over the islands between Finland and Sweden.

This is the whole group of Danish young adults and leaders who went to Festinord - we are at the Helsinki Temple

I couldn't resist including this picture of John modeling a Russian fur hat, which was for sale at the Market Place in Helsinki, Finland - we didn't buy one and hope that we don't need such warmth during the Danish winter ahead of us.  

John at the outdoor Market in Helsinki - yummy vegetables

This is the Helsinki, Finland LDS Temple which we visited while in Finland.  The picture doesn't show it, but it is surrounded by a forest of trees - very beautiful

This is a remarkable Church of St. Lawrence in Lohja, Finland - it was right next to where we held our Festinord.  The church is very tall - towering above these gigantic trees.

This is the organ and some of the wall murals inside of the church - the murals are estimated to date from 1510 - 1522 and they depict scenes from the Old and New Testament

This is the graveyard outside of the church.

We were puzzled by the gravestones with dates with fractions - does anyone know why the Finish display dates in this manner?

This is a group of Danish young adults who are dressed for a dance with a jungle theme.  They all had a great time at the Festinord in Finland

Every town we drove past had a McDonalds - It is amazing how McDonalds have taken over the world - and I still don't like their food.  

This is the ferry boat which took us from Stockholm, Sweden to Turku, Finland 

We are riding on the ferry with Sweden in the background.