Friday, October 15, 2010

Autumn in Copenhagen

Gayle standing by a beautiful windmill found in Copenhagen
The young adults doing a line dance at the Center
The young adults love to play foozball at the Center

 We finally bought a new big screen TV and WII game at the center - It is a big hit with everyone

These two pictures above are taken of mailmen or postmen who deliver the mail on bicycle - only in Denmark would this happen.  I would have loved to taken a picture while they were riding the bike, but I am not fast enough with the camera.
 This is the famous Vor Frelser Kirke with its spiral spire.  The two pictures below are taken from on top of this spire - It is the second highest church tower in Copenhagen and can you believe that we made it to the top?

 Beautiful views of Copenhagen from the top of Vor Frelser Kirke spire.
The Copenhagen LDS Temple with fall flowers in front.
 Even though Copenhagen has many ornate castles and towers, this is the home of Queen Margarthe and her family - it seems a little less fancy than some of the other buildings.
These two towers are some of the architecture in Copenhagen.  Can you see the one called Dragon's tails? 
 Copenhagen has a lot of statues of former Kings.
 The lake and fountain that is next to our apartment.
Gayle is standing on our back porch on a pretty autumn day.  Notice the tray that John uses to feed the birds everyday.