Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Fall Pictures

A Halloween greeting from the Brobergs

Tivoli, Copenhagen's amusement park, was decorated in October for Halloween and the picture above is the play they put on with some crazy witches and the Tivoli clown
 We especially liked the missionaries who dressed up as nerds - pretty scary!
 We had a Halloween party at the Center for Young Adults and these are some of the costumes.  These are pretty impressive costumes - don't you think?

John has decided what he wants to do when we finish our mission - can't you see him driving his hotdog stand down the street and parking it in the middle of downtown St George?  He would love it!

These are beautiful scenes next to our apartment.  Our apartment is behind the fountains in this pictures with the swan.
This is John harvesting his carrots from our back-porch tiny garden. Do you remember when he was in the Danish paper last June, posed as a Danish carrot farmer - well they got that one right!

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  1. Hi Broberg's!

    Looks like a wonderful mission! We can't remember what type of mission you're on...is it CES? At any rate, it appears that you can leave the Denmark mission, because of your post from Helsinki. That's great!

    We have similar perks. We are called to the Massachusetts Boston Mission, but we cover what was known as the Boston Regional Welfare area, which is all of New England north of NY. Our employment mission covers 13 stakes in MA, RI, CT, NH, VT, ME and some of the Atlantic Provinces of Canada. It has been a great calling with strong needs, but we have really enjoyed the privilege of travel too.

    We are nearly 10 months into the 18, aren't we? Wow! Where did that time go? You're welcome to join those following our mission blog: evanandnicki.blogspot.com

    Our best to you,
    The Excell's