Thursday, February 3, 2011

December in Copenhagen

 Tivoli gardens is all dressed up for Christmas - we are standing by the famous restaurant Nimb in Tivoli
 The snow is falling and we saw a horse and cart going down the street.
 Bakery shops are especially inviting during December - sometimes we just can't resist!
 Even on the darkest, coldest winter days you can still buy beautiful flowers on the streets.  I think this is the way the Danes keep up their spirits during the gray winter days.
 These are three lovely angels who are also some of the young adults that we work with - they are dressed for a ward Christmas play.
 Tivoli has a nice display of ice sculpture for their holiday celebration.
 This was the beautiful lights at Tivoli.  The Danes use hearts as the main theme for Christmas because it is a holiday of love.
 We are in front of the large Christmas tree in Tivoli
This is taken on our back porch - can you tell how cold the weather is?  We had continual snow on the ground from the end of November until the last week of January.  Someone told us that this was unusual for Denmark to have snow for that long.  Unusual or not, it has been co-o-o-o-ld!

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