Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Years and January 2011

 You can't hear the noise of the New year's eve fireworks, but just so you will know, it sounded like a war zone.  We have never seen or heard so many fireworks exploding and it went on for hours.  You wouldn't even know there is a slow economy this year with all the money that was shot up into the air.  We have a patio on our apartment's sixth floor and we had a wonderful view of the fireworks.
 The elders and sisters from our zone spent New Years eve with us since the city isn't too safe with lots of people drinking and partying. The next two pictures are from New Years-missionary style!

 We went to a funeral of President Andersen's sister Anne at the Vor Fru Kirke.  It was a beautiful setting with the Kristus statue.  The Danish lay their flower bouquets on the floor and up the aisle and it was very impressive.
 This is at a family home evening at the center for young adults - we are having a contest to see who can build the tallest tower with spaghetti noodles, potato pieces and marshmellows.
 Our neighbor in St George sent us this picture of our house after a January 3rd snow storm.  It was reassuring to know that Copenhagen wasn't the only ones with snow this winter.
 Near the end of January we had a couple's conference for all of the couples serving in Denmark. Here we are with the Andersens, Rays, Jensens, Gronnestads and Merrys. Missing from the pictures are the Larsens who serve in the Copenhagen Temple.
 I couldn't resist putting in this picture of us in front of the Kristus - we love this place.
 Just so you won't think that we are always playing I had to include this picture of the elders and us with three young women from various countries in South/Central America.  They were all living in Denmark and we helped teach them English from September to December.  One of them went back to Guatamala and the other two are now too busy to come to class, but it was fun while it lasted.
This is all the missionaries in Denmark during an all zones conference with Elder Kopischke in December.

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