Friday, April 15, 2011

We moved to Aalborg

 This is the famous statue entitled "The Thinker" by Rodin -it is in the garden of the Copenhagen art museum
Before we left Copenhagen we went to see "My Fair Lady" at the Det Kongelige Teater (the Royal Theater) - it was strange hearing everything in Danish, but it was well done.
When we arrived at our new apartment in Aalborg we received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from our Young Adults from Copenhagen - We miss them!

 This is a famous old buildling in Aalborg called Jens Bangs Stenhus
 Some quaint old houses in Aalborg

More quaint old houses in Aalborg
 The bridge and bay area of Aalborg
When we first came to Aalborg it was still very cold - this is some children skating on an ice rink in the center of town.  
I am standing by a Parish church in Harridslev - a place where some of my Danish ancestors came from.
This is a burial plot by the parish church - the Danes have their graves decorated both winter and summer with small hedges separating the graves - it is very lovely
The younger missionaries and us did service at a member's home - we cut down a large tree.
The center for young adults in Aalborg
Some young adults playing fooze ball at the center
More activity at the center for young adults in Aalborg
 We don't live right on a lake like we did in Copenhagen, but we did find a small lake on a walk not far from our apartment and these beautiful swans were there - now we will have to see if they have any babies this spring.
 The Danes have areas where they have what they call "summer homes" like the ones above.  They spend warm days and weekends at the summer homes which have the bare necessities - a little better than a tent.
Daffodils in spring are my favorite.